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Contact Info & Map

150 Westwood Road

Guelph, ON  N1H 7G1
Grades: JK - 8

Phone:(519) 836-3730
Fax:(519) 836-6764

Principal: Mary Beth McCuen
Vice Principal: Alan Yeung


September 2003 (Reviewed April, 2007)


Area enclosed by:

Starting point: Speedvale Avenue at west city limits


1. East on Speedvale Ave. from west city limits to Silvercreek Parkway

2. South on Silvercreek Parkway to CNR tracks near Paisley Rd

3. West following CNR tracks to city limits

4. North following city limits to Speedvale Ave. West

Please Note:

1) Unless otherwise noted, the home school is the one on the same side of the street as the residence.

2) Boundaries are subject to change. Please verify with school or board office.