Guelph Civic Museum to host Leaders of Today Exhibit this Week

Final course projects from Grade 8 students in the Leaders of Today program at St. Joseph Catholic School and St. Peter Catholic School will be showcased at the Guelph Civic Museum this Tuesday, April 5 and Thursday, April 7.

Leaders of Today is a program where space is created for youth community engagement and activism through story telling using the art of photography and film. Operating for half of a year at St. Peter CS and St. Joseph CS starting in January.

A photography intensive program, students investigate the social justice causes they believe in and stand for. After students have established conceptually the direction they are looking to investigate through photography, they then develop a strategy for creating change in their community and showcase it through a photograph, using photography as a tool for them to engage with their communities.

Tuesday, April 5 will feature work from St. Joseph CS, while Thursday, April 7 will feature the work of St. Peter CS students. Both exhibits are student created photos that focus on aspects of social justice in the students’ lives. In some cases the photos include text, and in others they are simple images.

This will be the first in person exhibit since prior to COVID-19. Open to the public all day, the exhibits are hosted by Guelph Civic Museum at 52 Norfolk St. The students and their families and teachers will be in attendance from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.